LocalFocus 2.0 Beta launched

Today we launched the beta version of LocalFocus Dataplatform 2.0. You are welcome to join the testing team. Please send a mail to erik@localfocus.nl or jelle@localfocus.nl to request access. It’s available in Dutch and English.

Visit the Beta at: beta.localfocus.nl

What is new in LocalFocus 2.0?

  • Improved user experience: Uploading datasets is more intuitive and exploring data is more smooth.
  • Better SVG export: Create vector images that are ready to use in print, in your own branding. You don’t need other tools to polish the result.
  • Get what you see: LocalFocus 2.0 uses the “what you see is what you get” approach when creating visualisations.

Why did we make LocalFocus 2.0?
We learned a lot during the last 1.5 years. The LocalFocus 1.0 branch was getting hard to develop and extend because of its stiff architecture. We could make this a lot better! We started from scratch and added (and we are still adding) a lot of features our customers requested.

Can I use the Beta for production purposes?
Use at your own risk, as the Beta might not work as expected. At the end of the Beta phase, we will not transfer your datasets from the Beta to the new stable environment. We will test LocalFocus 2.0 Beta until we are confident with the result. Until then, please use the old LocalFocus platform for production purposes.

Join the conversation in our discussion group. Ask your questions, request features and report bugs here. This beta is not a finished product. In the next weeks, we will add features, improve stability and user experience.

The LocalFocus team.