Important changes for connecting Google Sheets to LocalFocus

Update 25/11 The issues with connecting Google Sheets have been fixed. You no longer need to adjust the share settings of Localfocus graphics that were published online previously. We do recommend using the alternative method for new projects as described in steps below.

Some users are having issues with LocalFocus graphics that are connected to a Google sheet. The issues appear to be caused by an update in Google Drive itself.

Do you currently use maps, charts or tables that are connected to a Google sheet? Then we suggest you go through the following steps to make sure you won’t have any issues:

  • Open the Google Sheet that you use for your project.
  • Click the ‘Share button’ in the upper right corner of your spreadsheet. A pop-up screen with share settings will appear.

  • Click ‘Change to anyone with link’. Anyone with the link will now be able to view your dataset.

  • Make sure ‘Viewer’ is selected in the right menu (and not ‘Commenter’ or ‘Editor’).

  • Click ‘Done’. Your graphics will continue to run online as they should.

Prior to the Google Drive update, we instructed users to use the Google Sheet option ‘Publish to the internet’. Do not use this method anymore for new projects. Instead: take the steps that are listed above (“Anyone with link can view”), and copy the shared link (see picture above) to your project in LocalFocus.