1st of april 2021 | Webinar ‘Finding stories in European data ‘ (en)

What: Online workshop ‘Finding stories in European data’
Where: Zoomcall. We’ll send you the link via e-mail on the day of the workshop
Who: This workshop is open for all levels
When: Thursday the 1st of april 2021, 16:00 – 16:30/4 – 4:30 PM (UTC/GMT +2:00)
Costs: Free
Link to the Zoom-call: https://t.localfocus.nl/?a7ee94b (accessible from 3:45 PM)
Password: data

Let’s go from LocalFocus to GlobalFocus! On thursday the 1st of april data journalist Yordi will zoom out for a bit and look for interesting data on a European level. From corona stats to economic key figures and climate- and CO2-data: what data is available? What are useful sources? And interesting tools?