New: Aerial photos and drag & drop map layers

The map module has two new functionalities!

  • 🛰️ It is now possible to use aerial photos of The Netherlands as a map background.
  • 🖱️Map layers, such as icons, that you added manually can now be easily repositioned by dragging them.

Aerial photos of The Netherlands

PDOK has made a beautiful set of aerial photos of The Netherlands from 2020 publicly available! You can now use these photos as a background in our map module.

Use them to create an interactive map or to download as an image. For example, put the hotspots for airplane spotters on the map! Do you see which airport this is?

To do this, go to the map options tab in the editor. Then click on map options in the options that appear. Then click Aerial images (The Netherlands only) to activate the basemap.

Drag & drop map layers

Have you drawn map elements by hand, but is it in the wrong place? You can now easily drag it with your mouse to the correct location!




Help, something is not working for me

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