LocalFocus accessible for everyone

  • ♿ With our new accessibility mode the data behind your map is now available for blind and visually impaired users via a screen reader.
  • ⌨️ The widgets made with our map module are now fully usable without a mouse, using your keyboard.

Accessibility mode

Because we think it’s important that anyone can use our widgets, we’ve developed an accessibility mode. With this new feature, users get the possibility to view the data behind a widget in a table layout.

This new view is optimized for screen readers, so that your story can be told to blind and visually impaired users as well.

Take this map for example, one with Olymic medal winners per region.

How to open accessibility mode

With the new accessibility mode button in the bottom right corner of the map, you can open the table layout view.

Accessibility mode example

Not able to use a mouse but you still want to interact with a LocalFocus map? No problem! You can now easily ‘tab’ and navigate through the map using the arrow keys of your keyboard.

In our tutorial you will read everything you need to know about the new accessibility mode.

Visualisation- and table module

The new modus is now available in our map module. We’ll add the new accessibility updates to the visualisation- and table module in the near future.