Collaboration becomes easier with LocalFocus

A feature that is regularly requested by our users is the option to create your own groups yourself. This is now possible within LocalFocus as part of a larger update to make user management easier.

Under the settings button, every user will now find the option to create groups and invite their colleagues to collaborate. For example, if you want to keep all your graphs and maps about the elections in one place, you can now set this up within a few clicks.

In addition to setting up groups, the update will also make it easier for users with an admin role to add and remove colleagues.

This update is part of a broader development to position LocalFocus as a platform to collaborate on creating data visualizations with your colleagues. Another project we want to take on in this respect is creating RSS feeds based on groups. As a result, the data platform can be integrated into the communication channels of your organization so everyone remains informed of the most recently created visualizations.

Subscriptions and trial period

We will stop offering smaller single-user subscriptions, in order to fully focus on the subscriptions for teams. You can view the new subscriptions here. New users who register on can use all functionalities for 30 days, after this period they will have the option to switch to a subscription for teams.

For our current free users and single-user subscribers, nothing will change for the time being. We will continue to support free accounts for students.