Update LocalFocus November 5, 2018 (English)

  • We’ve simplified switching dimensions. With one click you can now transpose your data.
  • After you’ve uploaded some data, the platform will give you a suggestion for a suitable chart type. For instance: if you have a table with a lot of time periods, your first suggestion will be a line chart. If you’ve got a table with different categories you might want to compare, a column chart will be shown as default. 
  • We took more space to explain how different modules work and why you wanna use them.
  • Automatically recognizing units worked poorly so we’ve turned that functionality off.
  • Icons to differentiate the various tabs (“Dataset”, “Explore” and “Create) weren’t clear for everyone so we’ve switched to numbers instead.
  • We’ve simplified the black top bar. When you want to go back to the overview page, just click the logo.
  • When you’re data isn’t suited for a certain chart type you will see a warning where the graph would otherwise have been shown.