LocalFocus 2.0 is ready for action!

Nederlandse versie hierOn Saturday the 17th of January LocalFocus 2.0 will be launched! All users will automatically move to this newest release. Your current datasets and widgets are also transferred to this new version. Due to this launch, the platform will not be available on Saturday the 17th of january from 7:00 am till 12:00 pm. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Try version 2.0 now!
In order to get used to the newest release, both the old and new version are available this week for paying customers:
Try LocalFocus 2.0 today! Please let us know if things are not working properly. In this case you can use the old platform in the meantime. Warning: all datasets you add this week to the newest release at beta.localfocus.nl will be deleted after saturday.
Do you have questions or comments? Please contact:
Jelle Kamsma
Erik Willems
Some of the new features in LocalFocus 2.0:
Create with more freedom:
  • Tell your story with the annotation function.
  • Make maps with quantative datasets.
  • Change the colors of lines, columns and maps.
  • Create SVG images that include all styles and elements.
  • Order elements in your visualisations.
  • Choose one of the new pie chart layouts.
  • Use time scales in the column chart.
  • Use direct labels for lines in de line chart.
Examples of the annotation function and a map with quantative data:


Edit dataset more easily:
  • Adjust the labels of your dataset inside the platform.
  • Switch between date notations, for example 2014-02-02 or Feb 2th 2014.
  • Add rows and columns to old datasets, without loosing old settings.
  • Download custom dataset selections as CSV-spreadsheets.